Infrastructure for the energy transition

We design, manufacture, install and operate long term, economically viable, energy solutions which enable business owners, energy generators, network operators and infrastructure investors to successfully navigate our inevitable energy transition towards a clean energy future..

Energy storage technology


We’re a multi-technology energy storage solutions provider.

We offer proprietary redT vanadium redox flow machines, off-the-shelf lithium-ion solutions and dual technology hybrid solutions for complex energy needs.

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Low levelised cost of energy (LCOE)

Cost effective energy storage at $0.08-$0.16 per kWh. (Solar plus storage)

Continual industrial use

Secure energy supply for business continuity. Heavy duty, with remote monitoring.


Vary power (kW) and energy (kWh) to suit. Add more unit modules as needed.

100% depth of discharge

Manage long duration, high-cycling and deep-discharging storage situations.

Long lifetime

Use for over 25 years without storage capacity degrading.

Safe and non-flammable

Reduce your CO2 emissions. Safe, non-toxic chemistry with no risk of thermal runaway.

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