About us

We specialise in energy storage infrastructure solutions that deliver cheap, sustainable energy with attractive economic returns for our customers.


We do this using a range of technologies; our own vanadium redox flow machines, lithium batteries, or a combination of both in a hybrid system.

We’ve been in the energy industry since 1989 and our patented flow machine technology is backed by 20 years of product development.

As a result, our industry expertise and product know-how combine to provide world-class energy storage infrastructure solutions that fit the requirements of your project.

Video masterclass: Understand the basics of energy storage in a little over 5 minutes.


Whether energy storage infrastructure is being used to create 24/7 renewables, to balance electricity grids or to bring energy security to remote areas, the fact remains that our entire energy system is changing. Energy storage is driving this change.

Scott McGregor, CEO


redT has a long history in the renewable energy industry.

The redT of today was born out of various sustainable energy businesses in Kenya back in 1989.

The group of companies, from which redT sprang from, listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in 2006. Following the LSE listing, the group developed over $1billion of emission reduction and clean energy projects around the world, as well as environmental software, energy efficiency, clean energy investment funds, biogas energy and sustainable development consulting.

The redT business itself started as a research project called E-Fuel in 2000 which looked at refuelling vehicles with vanadium electrolyte. Later, the company focused on the much larger stationary energy storage market and this is where we find ourselves today.

In 2015, we were the first in the world to deploy a contract-manufactured, containerised, large-scale vanadium redox flow machine. This was followed by further commercial successes from 2016 onwards.

Today, redT energy plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange (AIM:RED) and has experts located in the UK, Africa, Asia and Australasia.