Reduce your energy bills by up to 50% and hedge against rising commercial electricity prices

Commercial electricity prices are expected to rise by up to 80% over the next 10 years. Invest in your own distributed solar + storage infrastructure to utilise more cheap, self-generated renewables. Guard against price increases and reduce your bills significantly with a 25 year infrastructure solution.

Install 100% more solar per site to accelerate sustainability targets

Energy storage can alleviate export constraints and allow you to utilise renewables more effectively by storing excess generation for use at more economic times of day. By using redT energy storage to overcome intermittency, you can install double or even triple the amount of renewables at your sites, helping to you reach your sustainability targets quicker.

Unlock diverse, flexible and low-risk value streams for your business.

Our business models for behind the meter customers focus on long-term, low-risk infrastructure returns with additional upside derived from merchant services such as wholesale energy trading and ancillary services. This model is made possible by our non-degrading flow machine technology, which is ideally suited to heavy cycling every day (unlike traditional lithium or lead-acid batteries).

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We offer both capital purchase and fully-financed PPA solutions. Our team will take your site data and financially model a viable business case which fits your requirements and achieves your objectives. Take a look at some of our case studies.

Typical site characteristics are: 

  • Average demand load >150kW
  • Annual energy consumption >1,000,000kWh
  • Long-term site ownership
  • Available ground/roof space to install requisite solar + storage

Example industries include: 

  • Water treatment
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Distribution centres / logistics
  • Data centres
  • Public sector

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