We offer a range of solutions for grid-scale energy storage applications based on our vanadium redox flow technology, lithium-ion batteries or alongside other energy storage or generation technologies as part of large scale hybrid systems.


Access wholesale trading and arbitrage revenues

Use our heavy-cycling, non-degrading energy storage assets to trade energy on the day-ahead, intraday and balancing markets. Our solutions are designed for heavy utilisation, allowing them to maximise returns from growing wholesale market price volatility and generating significant revenue from resulting arbitrage opportunities.

Boost private wire returns

Utilise energy storage alongside large scale renewables to dispatch your energy to behind-the-meter customers at times when energy costs are highest to significantly improve export earnings. Use redT assets as an effective hedge against price cannibalisation.

Participate in ancillary service markets

Bid into a broad range of ancillary service markets and grid services. redT machines are capable of providing frequency response, and can cycle multiple times per day without degradation penalties.

redT machines are capable of participating in:

  • Frequency & voltage control services
  • Balancing markets
  • Local flexibility markets
  • Operating reserve services

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