Major shareholders


Shares in issue: 69,567,788 (EUR0.50 Ords)

Last updated 14.04.2020

Note: The information below is based on the latest notifications from substantial shareholders received by the Company under Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rule 5, adjusted for subsequent share issues. It may not represent the current significant shareholdings in the Company.

Major Shareholders (> 3%)No. of Shares% Holding
Schroders plc8,558,01112.30%
GSR Ventures IV LP8,266,12911.88%
Brantingham & Carroll International Ltd7,093,02610.20%
Johnson Chiang6,420,0749.23%
Bushveld Minerals6,059,5618.71%
Hong Kong Hao Yuan Shen Trading3,579,2765.15%
Lawrence Zulch2,231,9483.21%
1953621 Alberta Ltd2,143,0163.08%
Director's nameNo. of Shares% Holding
Lawrence Zulch2,291,9483.21%
Matt Harper1,856,3552.67%
Jonathan Marren155,8760.22%
Neil O'Brien87,5000.13%
Michael Farrow9,2240.01%
Fraser Welham5,0000.01%


Please note:

Fraser Welham, Chief Financial Officer, has options over 100,000 shares which represent 0.14% of the issued share capital if all the options were exercised.

Matt Harper, Chief Commercial Officer, has options over 336,099 shares which represent 0.48% of the issued share capital if all the options were exercised.

The number of shares not in public hands (as defined by the AIM rules for companies) is 12,268,641 representing 17.64% of the current issued share capital.