Supporting essential communications infrastructure, Botswana

Operating a broad network of communication base stations across Botswana is a challenging undertaking, requiring robust, heavy-cycling solutions, capable of standing up to an inhospitable environment. redT machines, combined with PV generation create a reliable, low carbon and cost effective solution, securing operation at remote base stations across Botswana.

Deployed at 14 different off-grid locations across Botswana, redT’s 40kWh flow machines are coupled with approximately 11kWp of solar panels at each site. This set-up generates significant advantages over the use of diesel generators including a lower operating cost and less maintenance requirements, alongside a lower risk of theft and vandalism.

Flow machines were chosen owing to their long life and heavy-cycling capabilities, replacing lead-acid and lithium batteries which had previously failed in this application.

  • 14 remote, off-grid sites situated across Botswana
  • 24/7 operation required
  • 11kWp solar + 40kWh flow machine per site
  • Flow machines replace failed lead-acid and lithium

Maximising use of solar energy

The microgrid setup harnesses the maximum amount of clean, reliable solar power. By combining heavy-cycling flow machines with sufficient solar pv, excess generation can be stored during the day for use during the night, allowing the site to run on solar power, long after it gets dark.

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Displacing diesel: cheaper, quieter, safer, greener

Our storage machines reduce the need for diesel generators at off-grid sites, creating significant savings in fuel and maintenance costs and safeguarding the site owner against highly volatile fuel pricing in the region.

redT machines are also highly secure and robust, weighing many tonnes and housed in rugged shipping containers, the systems are an effective deterrent to theft and vandalism, with no established secondary market for machine components.

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