Unlocking energy savings and new revenue streams for a UK industrial park

Photo: redT’s 300kWh vanadium redox flow machine situated at an agri-industrial park in Dorset, UK

British business integrates distributed, low-carbon generation with innovative solar + redT energy storage infrastructure solution

Running a 24-hour operation at a 20 acre agri-industrial site in rural Dorset is an energy intensive process. Making the most of low cost, low carbon solar generation is key to reducing site running costs and opening up new revenue streams for this pioneering business.

redT 300kWh flow machine

Vanadium redox flow machines store on-site solar to reduce site energy costs and hedge against rising UK commercial energy prices

Our 300kWh machine stores low-carbon electricity generated by 250kWp of on-site solar panels. The system charges when generation exceeds what is used on site, and then discharges this energy into the evening peak period when prices are approximately 3 times more expensive, so the site doesn’t need to buy from the grid.

Our heavy-cycling energy storage machines maximise the use of cheap, sustainable forms of generation such as solar, by storing excess energy that is generated during the day, so it can be used at other times. By storing renewable energy in this way, the site can reduce their electricity bills significantly. Furthermore, by using more cheap, sustainable energy, the business can:

  • Reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable
  • Reduce their reliance on the grid and improve site resilience
  • Reduce exposure to fluctuations in commercial energy prices, which are rising in UK.
System data showing the machine cycling during May 2019

In addition to making significant savings, the site can also make money from energy storage by providing a range of ancillary services to the grid with a heavy-cycling, flexible asset that has no cycle or utilisation limits. 

Through leading UK aggregator and technology specialist, Open Energi, the machine can unlock new revenue streams for the site, creating an attractive investment upside from the provision of ‘merchant’ services including but not limited to; frequency response, capacity market and various wholesale market trading opportunities.

Our energy storage machines integrate with Open Energi’s Dynamic Demand 2.0 platform to act as a flexible asset, driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, allowing it to dynamically switch between services to maximise value to the customer.

When it comes to generating revenue from energy storage, a key advantage of using redT vanadium redox flow batteries (or ‘flow machines’ as we call them) is the fact they don’t degrade with each cycle, like conventional lithium or lead-acid battery technology. This means there is no penalty associated with performing extra services, and our warranty doesn’t limit the number of cycles that can be performed per day. This is a heavy-cycling asset, designed to be utilised as often as possible to generate the best possible net return for your business.

redT's technology allows us to utilise significantly more of our on-site solar, saving us money on our bills and generate new revenue opportunities. Innovation is a central part of our business activities and we're very proud to be at the cutting edge of a distributed energy revolution.

Bing Spencer, Managing Director

This redT machine recently became the first vanadium redox flow machine to gain pre-qualification status with National Grid to provide Dynamic Firm Frequency Response (dFFR) to the GB network. Read more about it in our news section.

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