Major shareholders


Shares in issue: 719,315,766 (EUR0.01 Ords)

Last updated 09.05.2018

Major shareholders (> 3%)Amount% Holding
Alchemy Projects Limited (private investment vehicle of John Ward)63,872,819 8.88
Payar Investments Ltd
(subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Berhad)
Schroder Investment Management48,087,9126.69
Anthony Millar28,236,5753.93
B.S Pension Fund Trustee Limited25,000,0003.48
Director's nameAmount% Holding
Scott McGregor 111,973,1261.66
Jonathan Marren7,743,8151.08
Jeffrey Kenna2,162,3250.30
Neil O'Brien625,0000.09
Michael Farrow86,2300.01


Please note:

1. Scott McGregor also has options over 14,156,358 shares (7,656,358 fully vested / 6,500,000 vesting conditions still to be met) which together with his existing shares held represent 3.56% of the diluted share capital (after taking account of the outstanding options). 

The number of shares not in public hands (as defined by the AIM rules for companies) is 86,463,315 representing 12.02% of the current issued share capital.