Utilise grid-scale, front-of-meter storage systems to manage energy flows, trade energy and reinforce the network.


Large-scale redT solutions provide long duration energy storage (over 4 hours), with subsecond response times and pulse discharge functionality. This allows for output up to 2x rated power for short periods of time.

Utilise vanadium redox flow or hybrid solutions to trade energy, provide grid services, reinforce the network or a combination of all three.

redT machines have a service life of over 25 years.

Energy trading and arbitrage

  • Use your asset to trade energy on the dayahead or intraday markets and through network balancing mechanisms to earn revenue

Grid services

  • Perform all grid services and utilise redT machines’ sub-second response times

Network reinforcement

  • Locate at network hotspots and key interconnectors
  • Decommission and move systems to new locations as required


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