Make more money by supplying the full range of grid services to the network.


Our machines give you the ability to maximise your returns from grid services whilst remaining flexible to policy changes.

  • Frequency response: Get paid to charge or discharge your asset to stabilise network frequency
  • Capacity market: Bid into your local capacity market to provide standby power to your local network for an agreed price
  • Demand side response: Use your asset to take part in different schemes which pay you to either lower or shift your energy usage at peak times
  • Operating reserve: Bid into local reserve markets and use your asset to meet shortfalls in energy supply for an agreed price
  • Black start: Make yourself available to provide the power required to restart a network after an outage


A diversified farm estate in the UK combines timeshifting excess solar with grid services to unlock new revenue streams.

The range of grid services schemes available to you is dependent on factors such as geographical location, project size and grid connection.

The redT team can advise on which services are suitable for your individual project 


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