We offer a complete range of energy storage technologies. Our solutions are suitable for projects ranging in size from micro off-grid to multi-megawatt grid-scale systems.

Power, energy or both?

We offer both power and energy storage solutions, as well as hybrid systems for more complex energy requirements.

  • Energy storage (over 4 hours): Vanadium redox flow machines deliver high energy capacity which does not degrade. This ‘energy centric’ technology is fully flexible, making it ideal for heavy, daily industrial use, as well as short-term and back-up applications.
  • Power storage (1-2 hours optimal): Lithium batteries deliver short bursts of power. This ‘power-centric’ technology is ideal for occasional, managed use.
  • Hybrid storage: Combines energy centric flow machines with power-centric lithium batteries to create a unique solution, capable of serving complex energy requirements and maximising revenue generation for large grid-connected projects.

Purpose designed for the best financial returns

Our systems are designed specifically to create the most attractive financial returns possible for your project. Our products can be combined to size any project. Here are some popular solutions.


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