Utilities, generators and distribution network operators (DNOs) need energy storage to balance and support the grid network. Large-scale redT energy storage systems are ideal to use at the transmission and distribution level to manage centralised energy flows and create grid security.


Our flow machines can be located at:

  • Centralised generation (renewable or conventional) sites
  • Constrained transmission lines
  • Distribution network substations

redT energy storage machines are modular by design and can be combined to provide MW scale storage. For example, our 1000-5000 storage system stores 5MWh of energy and is capable of discharging 1MW of power for 5 hours. Add more units or change the power/energy ratio to achieve a perfect fit for your project.

Because redT’s machines are containerised, they can also be decommissioned and moved to different areas of the grid as requirements change over time.

redT systems fit a wide range of applications, including:

  • Building low-cost renewable plus storage generation assets
  • Supporting transmission networks towards a low carbon energy system

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