With more and more renewables coming online, established electricity grid networks are struggling to cope. redT energy storage machines provide a simple solution.


You can be paid by system operators to:

  • Discharge your excess renewable energy to the grid when supply is short
  • Store excess electricity when generation outstrips grid demand
  • Connect your renewables with storage to deliver 24/7 energy

As standard, redT vanadium redox flow machines form a flexible platform for creating additional revenue streams. Owning a flexible asset such as this is important because it allows you to change the services you provide over time, to take advantage of changes and developments in energy policy. We call it “revenue agility”. Your business can provide a wide range of contracted balancing services to your local grid operator.

In addition to contracted grid services, you can also use redT storage machines to access merchant revenues such as energy trading, arbitrage or other activities with economic returns.

For example, an agri-business with at least 150kW of renewable generation can use a redT 45-225 machine to provide multiple services to the UK grid and achieves an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of approximately 12% unlevered.

Using redT storage machines to take advantage of multiple and long-duration pricing events.

redT machines – either individually or combined together – offer rapid response times for multiple services with no loss of performance. These services include:

The range of grid services schemes available to you is dependent on factors such as geographical location, project size and grid connection.

The redT team can advise on which services are suitable for your individual project 


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