Off-grid locations often suffer from unreliable, expensive energy connections. Solar, wind and backup diesel all have their limitations. By storing and time shifting generated energy, redT flow machines provide dependable power to keep your site operating 24/7.


redT machines can operate in harsh environments where conventional battery technology would usually fail or require costly environmental management systems to operate safely.

With redT storage at the centre of your mini-grid project, you can secure your energy supply and replace diesel gensets. After all, making full use of your renewable energy is cheaper than running diesel generators.

A diesel displacement example for an off-grid mining operation with 1.5-7.5MWh storage and 2.5MWp solar.

A diesel genset runs up to three times more efficiently when connected to a redT energy storage machine. This is because it can run at a higher load which cuts fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, lowers operating costs and prolongs the equipment’s life.

The Thaba Eco Hotel in South Africa operates a mini grid around a redT 15-75 machine which also cuts the site’s diesel costs.

A redT energy storage machine on its way to providing off-grid energy security.

The whole redT product range is ideal for off-grid locations:

  • Rugged
  • Durable and secure
  • Low maintenance
  • Remote monitoring

All redT flow machines discharge power for at least 4 hours and can be cycled many times per day. Choose the size that best fits your site.

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