Hybrid energy storage systems

redT’s vanadium redox flow machines address the disadvantages of conventional batteries such as lithium-ion, lead-acid or supercapacitors. A hybrid system combines the best of both technologies to serve complex energy needs.

Vanadium flow machines are an energy centric technology, ideally suited to energy intensive applications requiring long-duration discharges (more than 3 hours) every day.

Battery technology, on the other hand, is power-centric, making it ideally suited to applications requiring occasional, high power, short duration discharge (less than 3 hours) cycles.

Hybrid energy storage system operation annually (left) and daily (right).

Optimise system size and output

When used alongside redT flow machines, power-centric technologies (such as lead-acid or lithium batteries) can be carefully managed carefully to prolong their life. By using non-degrading flow machines as a ‘workhorse’ for 60-80% of energy requirements, power-centric technology can be used to cover the remaining short, infrequent peaks in demand. This means that system size and output can be optimised for complex energy needs.

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