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redT flow machines separate power (kW) from energy (kWh), making the system easily scalable.

The product range is based on the redT 5kW stack module. The stack size determines the power, whilst the liquid electrolyte volume determines the energy capacity. By using the 5kW stack as a ‘building block’, you can combine systems up to MW scale.

For example, our popular 45-225 machine has 9 stacks. It stores 225kWh of energy and continuously discharges 45kW of rated power for 5 hours.

The machines below can be combined together to achieve multiple unit systems which meet precise requirements. Contact us so we can help you select the correct system configuration.

Product nameRated powerDischarge duration*Rated energyDimensions
redT 60-30060kW5 hours300kWh20' Hi-Cube container
redT 40-300
40kW7.5 hours
300kWh20' Hi-Cube container
redT 45-22545kW5 hours225kWh20' Hi-Cube container
redT 30-225
30kW7.5 hours
225kWh20' Hi-Cube container
redT 30-150
30kW5 hours
150kWh20' Hi-Cube container
redT 20-150
20kW7.5 hours150kWh20' Hi-Cube container
redT 15-75
15kW5 hours75kWh10' Hi-Cube container
redT 10-75
10kW7.5 hours75kWh10' Hi-Cube container
redT 5-405kW8 hours40kWh10' Hi-Cube container
redT 5-205kW4 hours25kWh6'6' Hi-Cube container
*Continuous discharge duration at rated power. Duration is proportional to power requirements i.e. if discharging at 50% rated power, duration is doubled.


Connect multiple units together to create system sizes up to 10MW. Examples below.

Product name Rated powerDischarge duration*Rated energyDimensions
redT 10000-5000010MW5 hours50MWhMulti 20' Hi-Cube containers
redT 5000-250005MW5 hours25MWhMulti 20' Hi-Cube containers
redT 1000-50001MW5 hours5MWhMulti 20' Hi-Cube containers
redT 500-2500500kW5 hours2500kWhMulti 20' Hi-Cube containers
redT 100-500100kW5 hours500kWhMulti 20' Hi-Cube containers


Our machines can also be incorporated into hybrid systems alongside power-centric energy storage technologies (Lithium, lead-acid or super-capacitor). Contact us for an assessment of your project.



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