redT selected as storage technology partner for large-scale tidal project in UK

redT energy is pleased to announce that we have been selected by a consortium of European companies to be the primary energy storage technology provider for a large-scale tidal generation project in the UK.

The project, for which a 0.6MW, 3MWh redT flow machine system has been selected, remains subject to finance and formal contract awards. The EU project will demonstrate the technical and financial feasibility of using tidal energy plus energy storage to provide reliable, renewable baseload energy.

redT will contribute research, analysis and optimisation of tidal and flow machine technology to provide base load power.

About tidal generation
Tidal generation is cyclical, depending on the moon’s position and phase, with two high and two low tides occurring each day.

The third hour of each tidal flow offers the highest power, occurring approximately every 6 hours. Given the nature of the application, a heavy cycling, non-degrading energy storage asset such as redT’s was favoured over less robust battery alternatives.

Storage plus renewables
This is a key development for redT and is an affirmation of the business case – created by our energy analysts – for the use of vanadium redox flow energy storage alongside tidal generation.

Having proven the financial viability of solar coupled with storage, this achievement is a key signal that tidal power coupled energy storage projects are a suitable technology match.

Scott McGregor, CEO, redT energy commented:
“Flow machine technology is ideal for heavy daily use alongside renewables. Our expert energy storage team has done a great job of revolutionising how to couple solar and energy storage in the UK to reduce electricity costs for industrial customers. This project launches us into a new market alongside tidal generation to produce base load energy.

Tidal generation provides a consistent, regular supply of energy, ideal for coupling with our industrial energy storage machines to supply 24-hour base load energy, a service which is difficult to provide with conventional power-centric batteries.

Whilst redT has to date, focussed on delivering smaller projects in the commercial and industrial customer market, this project is an example of how flow technology can easily scale to large projects and is consistent with our strategy of scaling redT’s technology to deliver large projects.”

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