redT welcomes proposed rule changes to UK Capacity Market auction

This week, the UK grid operator National Grid redesigned the Capacity Market 2018 rules to propose updated de-rating factors in favour of >4.5 hours energy storage duration.

redT CEO, Scott McGregor, firmly welcomed the rule change for the next round of UK Capacity Market auctions.

Scott McGregor CEO of redT energyHis comments are published by Energy Storage News.

In the article, Scott McGregor points out that the shift towards long-duration energy storage assets was the “reality based policy looking at embracing the correct technologies for services which they can perform” and highlights the flexibility of flow machine energy storage systems to “perform all services in one system”.

Distribution network operator UK Power Reserve also supported this view, saying that the move to change the rules was “holistically the right thing to do”. An opinion further echoed by energy storage provider Fluence with the observation that “the de-rating is probably a positive move for the technology agnostic auction process.”

Scott continues by remarking that versatility might be “much better for investors than specialised battery technology for short-term policy which in our view is gambling,”. He adds that the Capacity Market is “one service of many that the UK grid needs” and that this need will only increase as renewables scale up further.


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