‘Silver bullets are for werewolf movies’: Being real about energy storage

Left to right: Marek Kubik (Market Director, Fluence), Scott McGregor (CEO, redT energy), Andy Colthorpe (Editor, Energy Storage News) Emilien Simonot (CTO Renewables, InnoEnergy) and Jean-Baptiste Cornefert (MD e-Services, Sonnen).


redT CEO, Scott McGregor joins senior representatives from Fluence, Sonnen and InnoEnergy as part of a special roundtable discussion, held on the sidelines of eeS Europe 2018 in Munich.

Focusing on “real” applications for energy storage, the roundtable looks primarily at where energy storage really works, how the industry is evolving and what elements are key to future development.

In the video below, Scott McGregor talks about:

  • using energy storage more productively by using more solar (at 11:08)
  • seeing storage as a flexible infrastructure asset (24:10)
  • explaining behind-the-meter business energy use (28:15)
  • modelling energy storage with redT’s new Gen 3 product (37:04).

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