South Africa’s largest installed flow machine connects to the grid

Update on commercial mini-grid project at Thaba Eco Hotel

redT energy is pleased to announce that its 15kW-75kWh energy storage machine is now fully operational at the Thaba Eco Hotel in South Africa. This is the third commercial energy storage machine that redT has connected to the grid in South Africa.

The Thaba Eco Hotel’s vanadium redox flow machine is the largest to be successfully installed at a commercial site as part of a solar mini-grid system in South Africa.

Thaba is a remote resort and suffers from a weak local grid connection. Power cuts are a frequent occurrence. The redT machine sits alongside Thaba’s 100kWp of solar generation, enabling the resort to reduce its reliance on diesel generators, creating significant savings on fuel costs and reducing carbon emissions as a result.

Reliable and sustainable energy
By timeshifting excess energy produced from the solar panels during the day for use at night – when guests need electricity the most – redT is creating a cheap, reliable and sustainable source of energy for Thaba’s guests and staff.

Reducing CO2 emissions and grid imports
The project has already yielded substantial results for Thaba. Since the mini-grid system came online, it has:

  • generated 13MWh of renewable energy
  • reduced the need to import energy from the grid
  • lead to significant cost savings
  • cut the level of greenhouse gases omitted by the resort.

The project is expected to result in 175MWh of renewable energy generation per annum and a yearly reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 143 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e). In addition to this, the machine will also be used for demand charge avoidance, significantly reducing the site’s costs of importing electricity from the grid at peak times.

Site visits coming soon
The project will be a key asset for redT in South Africa and the site will be used to demonstrate the environmental and financial benefits redT’s patented vanadium redox flow machine technology will offer other renewable asset owners in the region. A formal launch event at Thaba will take place in due course, details of which will be made available soon.

Scott McGregor, CEO, redT energy commented:
“Accelerated growth of low cost solar power in Africa has opened up a significant market opportunity for us, as our robust energy storage machines are an ideal solution to unlock more solar for use by customers in off-grid or weak-grid markets. We are proud to lead the successful deployment of flow machines into essential energy infrastructure in Africa with our redT machines established now in South Africa and also enroute to Botswana.

In sub-Saharan Africa alone there are c.580 million people with no access to electricity. Unlocking more solar using robust long duration energy storage machines is a key driver to ensuring a low cost secure power supply to the continent of Africa.

We are very honoured to be working with our partners at the Thaba Eco Hotel and look forward to holding a formal launch event at the site in the future.”

Reuben Louw, CEO, Thaba Eco Hotel commented:
“At Thaba, we are passionate about reducing our impact on the local environment, making redT’s flow machine technology a perfect fit for us.

This solar mini-grid system will enable us to greatly reduce our reliance on diesel generators, which are expensive to run and pollutive, whilst ensuring that we have a stable and consistent supply of energy throughout the day and into the night.”

Watch video
A video is also available that showcases Thaba’s mini-grid site, including the redT 15-75 energy storage machine.


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